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Safety & Handling

Before using TERATHANE® PTMEG in any application, the user should review and understand the Safety Data Sheet.

TERATHANE® PTMEG is not regulated as hazardous materials. TERATHANE® PTMEG showed a very low order of toxicity, when tested orally in rats. The vapour pressure of TERATHANE® PTMEG is very low; no adverse effects of inhalation have been observed.

TERATHANE® PTMEG may cause very mild skin and eye irritation based on test results with laboratory animals.

Due to changing governmental regulations, references herein to governmental requirements may be superseded. Each user should consult and follow the current governmental regulations, such as Hazard Classification, Labeling, Food Use Clearances, Worker Exposure Limitations and Waste Disposal for the up-to-date requirements for the products described on this Web Site.