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Welcome to the World of TERATHANE® PTMEG Products

Innovative Polyurethane Intermediates

TERATHANE® PTMEG is a premium polyether glycol, used as a soft-segment building block in high-performance polyurethanes, polyesters and other polymers. Its dynamic features include low temperature flexibility, and hydrolytic stability. Available in molecular weights from 250 to 2900, typical uses for TERATHANE® PTMEG include solid elastomers, flexible adhesives, coatings, and spandex materials such as LYCRA® fiber.

TERATHANE® 3MCPG is an innovative co-polyether glycol having very low crystallinity for enhanced low temperature performance. Dynamic features include improved fatigue resistance at low temperatures and low hysteresis of the soft segments for increased power. It is liquid at room temperature for improved processing performance. Available in molecular weights of 1400 and 2000, applications can include sporting goods (e.g., skating wheels and ski boots), cold weather textiles, co-polyether esters for melt-extruded parts, coatings, and more.

More Alternatives to Meet Your Needs

Other product offerings include Butanediol 1,4 (BDO) and Tetrahydrofuran (THF). BDO is used in hard and soft polyurethane segments. THF is a resource used for resin, reaction and chromatographic solvents.

Consider the Possibilities

Regardless of your manufacturing goals and challenges, we invite you to personally review and test the performance abilities of our products. If finding the right industrial materials is a barrier toward making your innovative ideas a reality, our goal is to help you move forward.